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Crudi D’Italia is one of the biggest producers of prosciutto in the country, and we’re based in Sala Baganza - in the heart of Parma territory, where the climate is perfect for producing the precise degree of flavour and sweetness required for Prosciutto di Parma. The company was started in 1986 when we bought ABA Prosciutti, and went on to build a modern mechanised plant for producing Abruzzo hams at the foot of the Gran Sasso d’Italia mountain. In 2005 the shareholders decided to complement the business with acquisition of the Luppi Alimentari brand in San Vitale Baganza, in order to preserve and relaunch one of the finest and best known prosciuttos in the world.

PRODUCERS OF PROSCIUTTO CRUDO DI PARMA D.O.P.The  strength of the prosciutto di Parma producer lies in the expert selection of prime ingredients, in specialist production processes, in packaging that meets the requirements of modern distribution methods, in major investment in automation and mechanisation of the production process, and in the wide range of top quality products offered to customers all over the world. All these factors combine to produce the best prosciutto crudo di Parma in Italy. Crudi d’Italia is also certified for export to the USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, China and Europe, and holds ISO9002, Vision, ISO14000, ISO11020, BRC and IFS certification.


The company has its own research and development department that carries out quality control operations with particular emphasis on new technology and developing new products, whilst preserving the great tradition of Crudi d’Italia prosciutto production, and in recent years has introduced the new D.O.P. line “Antiche Cantine Luppi” for the retail market – a range of top quality cured meats presented in contemporary packaging.


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